Who We Are

Abbotsleigh Citrus has been in operation since 2003, growing, packing and supplying quality citrus for our domestic and international customers.

Abbotsleigh Citrus is located at Grahams Rd, Wallaville (near Gin Gin) which is approximately 50km west of Bundaberg. We are an integrated producer of citrus. We grow, pack, market and transport our citrus to make sure the best quality product is delivered to our customers on time and in great condition.

We have worked hard to develop a reputation for quality and consistency within the Australian citrus industry. Our hard work has meant that customers across Australia and overseas demand our quality products. 

Abbotsleigh Citrus has 170 hectares planted with 60,000 trees on its own property. We are also strategically aligned with key growers across the Central Burnett growing region who send their fruit to us for packing and marketing. This means we can offer our customers quality citrus for the full length of the Queensland citrus season.

In 2011 we decided to diversify into berries and planted our first blueberry plants. Today we have over 20ha of blueberries planted under protective netting and tunnels to ensure consistent quality for our customers. Our blueberries are marketed exclusively through Smart Berries and are available for both domestic and export markets.