Our Produce

We grow great tasting, premium quality blueberries and citrus. Whilst we pack a wide range of citrus for other growers, our key lines include lemons as well as imperial, hickson and murcott mandarins.


Abbotsleigh Citrus takes special care in utilising strict quality control methods. Regardless of whether our citrus is in season, we are constantly monitoring and nurturing our trees to ensure each year’s crop offers the same premium standard of produce as the last. Our orchard is currently home to four varieties of citrus:


Available January through June

Lemons are one of our specialties and something we are famous for in Australia. Our lemons are juicy, firm and have a smooth skin. For the most part they are sold in the domestic market with opportunities for export from late March through to June.

Hickson Mandarins

Available June through July

Hickson mandarins are another popular variety in Australia. They are easy to peel, juicy and don’t have many seeds. Hicksons are mostly suited to sales in the domestic market with opportunities for export sales where a short transit is available.

Imperial Mandarins

Available April through May

Imperial mandarins are Australia’s favourite mandarin variety. They are easy to peel and have very few seeds. They are also a popular variety in some overseas markets but are only suitable for airfreight due to their short shelf life.

Murcott Mandarins

Available July through September

Honey Murcott mandarins are the most popular export variety of mandarins and our personal favourites to eat. They have a smooth orange skin and beautiful sweet flavour. They have a great shelf-life and can be shipped over long sea-freight journeys.


Available June through November

We have over 20 hectares of blueberries growing under protective tunnels and netting. This form of protective farming helps to ensure consistency in the quality of our produce by removing some of the agricultural risk. Our blueberry varieties are from the Early Blue breeding program and are marketed exclusively by Smart Berries. The varieties have been selected for their flavour, size, firmness, appearance and shelf-life. We think they are something special.